Waiting for the Bus

April 22nd, 2008 by marc


Yup, you heard it right. Gem has started school. She started preschool last week and yesterday was her first time riding the bus to school. I know what you’re thinking, “she’s much too young to be riding the bus to school,” but it’s actually a great preschool for kids who are delayed. And Gem’s speech/ language is delayed.

She was so excited to ride the bus though, and as the bus pulled up she was smiling and laughing… Susan takes her out and as she starts up the stairs of the bus Gem’s excitement turns to horror when she sees the “bus lady”. Not the driver but the woman who takes care of all the kids. She was a little old, and Gem for some reason is scared to death of anyone with a few wrinkles. Gem immediately wanted off the bus, but being the loving parents we are Susan strapped her into the seat belt gave her a wave and the poor thing was off to school.

It was pretty hard to see her riding the bus to school. I mean she’s only 3, but she loves it and hopefully it will help her to start talking better.

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