June 27th, 2006 by marc

Last night I was looking at sunglasses because my good friend Kevin was going to hook me up with some shades (which he did). So as the picture shows no virtual dressing room needed as you can see. BUT if you would like to try on my new shades click on the picture and try out my quickly done flash dressing room. In order to view it you’ll need a computer with a webcam, flash 8, and a little patience to position yourself. Here’s a hint: when flash ask you if it can access your webcam you need to click accept and don’t worry these pictures are just local on your machine (meaning no one but yourself will see them).

Big thanks to my good friend Kevin. I love the smithy’s.

  1. I don’t have a web cam but I tried the process any way. I sat there laughing at my screne for a few min. Imagining how silly I would look. Brilliant Marc Brilliant