Steve Jobs Stepping Down

August 27th, 2011 by marc

I know I’m a bit slow to respond to the news that Steve Jobs is stepping down as CEO, but it’s taken a few days to process the news. I know there are bigger Apple fan boys than me and people who have used macs longer, but I’ve been drinking the Steve Jobs cool aide now for 10 years (not as heavy in the past couple though due to the watering down of OS X in Lion and their lack of focus on Professionals and more on the consumer only). So much so that I’ve slowly converted all my family to macs (who in turn have converted their families). And Steve Jobs was always the voice behind the Apple vision.

I’ve probably watched every keynote Steve has delivered and apart from him saying Flash is dead he’s an amazing speaker. I always felt like I was getting a glimpse of the future watching him. And if there was one thing Apple has done best over the past couple years it’s creating the future and Steve selling it to the masses.

The saddest part though is for Steve to step down he’s got to be pretty sick. I hope he has many year to come but I fear that will not be the case. Apple will probably survive without him, but the company will not be the same.

Here’s the Standford 2005 commencement address given by Steve Jobs. This is the Steve Jobs I hope to remember (and not the frail photos of him circling the web this week). Good luck Steve. Your vision and spirit at Apple will be missed.

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