Salt Films

April 30th, 2010 by marc

Yesterday’s little letter from Steve Jobs where he confessed his hatred towards flash (like we didn’t already know that) was a bit of a blow to my confidence in the future of flash (at least at the chance of seeing it on the iPhone and iPad). The most troubling part will be a large amount of consumers will read it and believe “hook line and sinker” every word Steve wrote, and I’m not saying he was wrong or incorrect on everything he said (he pointed out some valid points), but flash is a hugh part of the inter web and yes there are new standards and methods to author creative content that are open source, but as some one who is neck deep in the industry there are some things better done with flash. Which brings me to the real purpose of my post today.

I found this site today and it made me smile. I didn’t really dig too deep into the content, but if you pop over you’ll see what I mean. Salt Films.

  1. As Javascript rendering gets better in browsers we have been using it more and more in places we used to use Flash. HTML5 and CSS3 support in webkit and mozilla is making things a whole lot easier while maintaining visibility. JS libraries for touch interfaces work really well. I have not seen a good solution for gestures in actionscript (Flash) and agree that most sites that utilize Flash would have to be rewritten to be compatible (not that that isn’t also true for a lot of complex JS sites). With all that said, I don’t think we’ll stop using Flash. We’ll just use it when it’s the proper tool for the job. I do think that corner is getting smaller.

    I think Steve’s letter is what it is . . . Apple’s position. I don’t think the future of the web is at stake. The web will evolve as user habits do. Steve sees the world on iPads, iMacs (hisEverything).