Russia’s Looking Good

August 15th, 2008 by marc




Never mind their current turmoil with Georgia, lets talk about their sweet Olympic tracksuits. Now remember this is a county who’s flag has the same colors as ours, but by dropping the blue and only using red and white their sport wear is visually more graphic and strong. I love it! The other thing that I’m really impressed with is the Chinese motif that they’ve used throughout their clothes. I don’t think any other country has done anything like this, but I think it’s brilliant. Why not embrace the fact that your athletes are performing in China. Several years down the road you’ll look at other countries’ clothes and be hard pressed if that was for Athens or Beijing but not Russia.

The red motif on the Russian’s clothes is common in traditional Chinese paper cuttings (that’s what the 3rd photo is of). I don’t know how old paper cutting dates back, but I think they’re hundreds of years old. So this post is for the comrade who came up with the brilliant idea. You deserve a medal; do you think you could defect to the US and help our boys and girls in red, white, and blue (well maybe we can drop the blue). Now the question is where can I get one?

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