Receiving Praise

April 15th, 2010 by marc

I apologize for what seems to be the only thing I blog or talk about lately (ActiveDen), but Susan can attest that it’s all I talk about in person too. It’s pretty consuming. I keep telling her, “baby when Activeden goes platinum…” and then it’s usually followed with some lofty dream of traveling the world, living abroad for months at a time, remodeling the house, buying a car, starting another adoption…

So far it’s been mildly successful. Each month is better than the last with a few exceptions and I’m constantly working on new ideas and projects to add to the portfolio. One day I’d love to see it over take my current salary.

Today though was a pretty good “feel good” moment. As you can see from the image above I received a comment on one of my files giving thanks and praise. This happens from time to time, but since I’ll never win any FWAs or CA awards for my stock work hearing from a real customer is pretty nice.

  1. That is fantastic feedback!

    And it will go platinum…