Photobooth: Family Photo

April 22nd, 2007 by marc
Marc, Susan, Huong, and Diesel.

The other night we were all hanging out in the basement and Susan’s iMac’s photobooth was launched by accident and we started to snap some shots. Pretty soon Diesel our dog wanted in on the fun, and it was fun for one or two shots but soon Gem and Diesel lost interest—I hadn’t. So if in some of the photos the daughter and dog look a little “man handled” or forced it’s probably so.

  1. what a great family evening. Now get back to work on marcfolio.

  2. Just wanted you to know we DO look at your blog, (we’re just not great at commenting)and I enjoy your point of view on things.
    Gem was really cute at the museum and did great! So, throw your girls in the car and lets all meet at the zoo soon!
    Have a happy party Friday!