Olympic Beauty

August 12th, 2008 by marc


We at our house have really been enjoying the Olympics. I mean combine our love for China and the excitement of watching the talent and strength of professional atheletes you can’t go wrong. Plus it’s the once every four years that I’ll even want to watch a sporting event.

China is doing it’s best to really shine too, and for the most part I think they’ve done a pretty good job. As I’ve been watching though I’ve noticed that just about every volunteer is beautiful. I mean every volunteer, every girl holding a sign, and all the performers are very handsome and quite pretty. So much so that Susan and I both have said they must of hand picked them. And today’s news of the little girl who sang “Ode to the Motherland” lip synched it at the opening ceremonies because the real girl that sang it wasn’t cute enough proves our theory.

To us in the USA this probably seems absolutely appalling, but it’s common practice in Chinese culture. Next time you fly one of the Asian run airlines you’ll notice every single on of them is tall, thin, and beautiful (try that Delta). An if you go to a monument and there are guards on display (marching, flag raising, etc) you can count on every one of them being over 6 feet and handsome. I’m not saying it’s right. My heart is really sad for the poor “ugly” girl who sang theme song but was “hard to look at”, but the discovery shouldn’t come as a big surprise. This little girl probably isn’t the only victim of not being beautiful enough. I’m sure loads of people were looked over, turned away or hidden away under a box to perform, and the West being out raged probably won’t change Asia’s discrimination on beauty.

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