Oblivion GFX Montage

April 22nd, 2013 by marc

The mighty Joseph Kosinski invited Munkowitz to the GFX party once again, this time for his spring blockbuster feature film JOE-BLIVION… Predictably, the list of graphic assets to be created was obscene, so munko assembled and led another super team of GFX mercenaries and descended into the lovely confines of Crater Lake Productions to generate the aforementioned fuckload of graphic content… Working with Joseph always brings out the best in Munk and Company, and this time around was certainly no exception.

This is one movie I have tough time admitting I’d like to see, but let’s be honest (Tom Cruise, Sci-fi) I want to see it. All the added digital texture on top makes it look all that much more enticing. The graphics were done by GMUNK. Maybe I’ll pull a long lunch and go see it this week. ;)

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