Talking to a Legend

April 18th, 2008 by marc


Conversation might be a bit of a stretch. Truthfully it was a few emails back and forth. The other day I was reading the blog of Erik Spiekermann (design legend, and one of the worlds greatest typographers). He posted something about wanting to blog from his iPhone so I left a comment telling him that I’ve been posting from my iPhone (with photos) since switching to wordpress. Well later that evening I got an email back from Erik himself. He mostly wanted to know more and so I gave him the run down. He then emailed me back and said he liked my blog and wanted to know what typeface I used for the body (only viewable on the latest version of safari).

I was actually surprised to learn how tech savvy Erik is, but when you think about it any graphic designer who has been in the business from lead type to today’s computers is bound to be tech savvy. You have to be in order to adapt to the latest tools of the trade. At the same time though I’ve met a few designers the same age as Erik and they have peons to do a lot of their work for them because they can’t get around the latest apps. All and all Erik Spiekermann is pretty cool.

So as you read this post you should know that some (one) of the world’s greatest designers have browsed these pages (makes me wish I had spent a little more time designing it). Whether Erik added me to his daily RSS feed I doubt it. You can checkout Erik Spiekermann’s blog here:

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