September 26th, 2006 by marc

We’ve lived our home for 2.5 years and with the excitement of having a new child in the home I decided to start some home remodeling. Susan went out of town one weekend and when she came home the house was in total disrepair. That was 2 weeks ago.

I think we have rounded the corner though. This is our bathroom. It has suffered quite a bit of water damage due to the previous owner doing a very poor remodeling job. My favorite part of this picture is the fact that I look like one of those guys from Boston on this old house. “The name’s Merk.”


  1. You would definitely be the hottest guy on TOH. ;o)

  2. Your skills are amazing.. I’ve seen the desk you can build but this… this is out of this world

  3. You look like a pro. Gotta love the stache.