Life with a Mustache

May 9th, 2010 by marc

At work a couple of the designers and I decided that we would grow beards and then on May 5th cut them to mustaches for “Cinco de Mustache”. And it went as planned. Four or five of us had some nice mustaches. Well May 6TH came and everyone was back to clean faces or stubble, but I decided to keep the stache. And then the next day and the next and here I am now stroking my mustache and thinking why I don’t I do this more frequently.

  1. I’m gonna do it to see if it helps my sales!

  2. nice. I tried to grow a beard a while back. I was in construction mode. It took me nearly three weeks and Shannon called me Bear Griswald. I though it was very fitting. Needless to say, the facial hair thing just doesn’t go my way. Maybe when I’m old and grey we’ll give it another shot.

  3. I’ve started growing mine!