December 5, 2006 - Comments Off on INTERNET EXPLORER: SECURE & NONSECURE ITEMS


This is a heads-up to all you flashers out there. In the past I've worked on a couple projects that involve flash and secure websites. One of the biggest thorns in my side was whenever I viewed the secure flash login/site (https) in internet explorer I'd get this warning saying that the page "contained both secure and nonsecure items". If I chose to not display the nonsecure items the website looked and behaved completely the same as with those "nonsecure" items. Well today I figured out the answer and the fix. You can read all about the fix on Adobe's site, but basically you just need to change the EMBED tag that points to "http://download.Macromedia..." to "https://download.Macromedia...". Now you know and knowing is half the battle.

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