Illustrator and Photographer

November 14th, 2011 by marc

If there were two things I wish I could do really well it would be photography and then illustration, but unfortunately I don’t do either very well. And today after viewing some of the new work of Sanjay Patel I wish even more so that I could illustrate. It looks like Sanjay is putting on a show at the SF Asian Art Museum, along with doing some of the signage and graphics for another show also at the museum.

Deities, Demons and Dudes with ‘Staches will be on view at San Francisco’s Asian Art Museum from November 11, 2011 through April 22, 2012. For more information, visit

Now I’m also wishing I lived in San Francisco so I could pop in to the museum. Maybe we’ll need to go on a long weekend with the baby before the end of April.

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