June 24, 2011 - Comments Off on Herman Miller Envelope Desk

Herman Miller Envelope Desk

One day when I was on the mission in Taiwan, I came across this little old lady who was bent in half. She had worked her whole life in the rice fields and an occupational side effect was that she no longer could stand up—she was permanently bent over.

Occasionally I think back to that woman when my back starts to ache from sitting in the same position (designing and coding) for hours everyday. One day will I be stuck like she was?

When I saw this video I thought this could be the solution. Surprisingly the the desk isn't small fortune (though the chair is close to $2000), but to not have to worry about being bent in half when I'm old would be PRICELESS. I'm a sucker for smart furniture. Maybe if I ever get that home office/ backyard studio I can invest in the a reclining desk.

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