Gem’s Little Brother

August 13th, 2008 by marc



Some good news. Our little family of three is about to become four. We’re adopting again! We started the processes last year about this time to adopt again from Vietnam, and through some serious miracles we’ve been matched with a cute little boy, Tuan. He’s almost a year old and will probably be the same size as Gem when we get him home (6 months from now). We’re all really excited. Gem keeps asking about “baby Tuan” and that she wants two babies (meaning her and a little brother).

We’ve kept it a secret from pretty much everybody until just a few weeks ago. With the Vietnamese-US agreement for adoptions expiring on September first it’s been a big gamble hoping we’d be matched before Sept. 1, and it’s paid off. I’m certain only with some divine help though.

Of course nothing is final until we have him back home in the states, but I’ll be sure to keep my blog updated with any new news, and certainly you’ll be able to watch as it all unfolds when we travel. Let’s just hope it’s before Christmas.

  1. Dude! That’s awesome! Congratz! We need to get together sometime and catch up.

  2. we’re so excited for you guys! He’s handsome too.

  3. I’m excited for you four!!!