Envato Elite

July 9th, 2011 by marc

Three years ago I was doing my monthly home teaching (in the Mormon church we visit an assigned family or person in our neighborhood), and my friend that we were visiting with told me about an acquaintance he knew that made his living selling illustrations on stock websites. My mind was blown. Could people really make a living selling stock!? The thought of mailbox money consumed me and after a few internet searches I discovered flashden (it’s now call activeden). I was a flash developer. It was a stock flash website. It was too good to be true.

It still took me 3-4 months to get my first file up and since then I’ve got a pretty large portfolio of small to large web components.

It hasn’t always been easy breezy though. It definitely requires attention and if you neglect it your sales tank. Yesterday I passed a pretty big mile stone though. I have reached Envato Elite status (Envato is the Australian based company the started flashden and now a massive web empire of stock and tutorial websites). Elite status is a goal I’ve had from the start, and it’s been a long 3 years getting here. To finally pass the $75,000 mark and 70% commission feels pretty great though. From here on out it’s 70% commission on all sales, and considering I started at 25% it’s a big upgrade.

Honestly I feel my stock design and web business is just starting to take off. Last month I stepped out of the comfort zone of stock flash and released my first html site template, and this month I have a site that has a smorgasbord of flash, javascript, htm5, and wordpress that I’m hoping will be a hugh success. It’s pretty addicting once the sales start coming in.

If you’re a designer, artist, photographer, musician, coder you should really check out the marketplaces. And if you’re a regular person, small business, whatever, you should get yourself some web templates.

Next stop Power Elite.

  1. Congratulations little bro. That is very cool. Home teaching really does bring blessings.