April 4th, 2010 by marc

It’s funny the different traditions families have. Susan’s and mine differed quite differently on Easter traditions. My family usually split one bag of chocolate malt ball eggs and that was Easter. No baskets. No hunt. Just a bag of eggs for the 7 of us (mom and dad included). Susan’s on the other hand had a basket for each person with loads of candy. As you can see from the photos below Susan’s family traditions are in full swing at the Garner home.

Theo was the first to find his Easter basket.

It was a fantastic Easter morning.

  1. Marc! You poor soul. I can tell you are the 4th child. We had huge Easter’s when I was little and I know you must have had some too………you were probably just real little. One Easter dad road his motorcycle up and down the driveway doing fish tales. The next morning he came to show Hollie and me the Easter bunny tracks in the driveway. We had a hunt every year. Don’t you remember those Strawberry Shortcake dolls Hollie and I had. That was an Easter present. Our baskets were full of candy and big chocolate easter bunnies. I’m sorry you missed out. I can’t ever remember mom stopping, but I guess she did. Well we still have enourmous Easter hunts and baskets at our house. I asked Jed and Emma if they were too old. Jed just wanted to make sure I didn’t take any pics of him and his Easter stash, but he doesn’t want the tradition to end. Just not documented that he is 6ft tall getting a pink easter basket!