Dang, This is Brilliant!

May 2nd, 2007 by marc
Red Interactive Screen Shot

Red Interactive victorian paper cutout people. Each one is a real visitor of their website. I meet a nice designer from the UK (USER9195) who was checking out the site too.

It’s not that often that I come across a website and think, “dang, this is brilliant!” But a couple weeks ago I clicked upon this site for Red Interactive Agency while it was still in it’s beta and yesterday it was listed as the site of the day at thefwa website.

With all the talk of where the web is going and what web 2.0 will be I have to say that this is it—an evolutionary step in interactive design. Click here to see the site first hand. I especially like the fact you can chat with the other visitors of the site.

Chen Design Associates Screen Shot

Chen Design Associates newly design home page.

Another new website I should make mention of is Chen Design Associates. I got a news flash from them this week saying they were launching a new site. This site doesn’t necessarily push the envelope technically, but CDA is by far one of the best and avant-garde design firms hands down. They are the ones that everyone copies—maybe copy isn’t the right word but inspires—I guess you could say CDA rather than looking to others to see where design is going they’re the ones creating the hot design trends.

What’s interesting is both these design firms have such different strengths. Red is technically leading the world wide web evolution, and Chen Design leading where Red lacks (visual communications). I hope one day that MARCFOLIO will be a leader in both these areas.

  1. That just ate about 45 minutes of my evening. Thanks for pushing the link.