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Envato Elite

July 9th, 2011

Three years ago I was doing my monthly home teaching (in the Mormon church we visit an assigned family or person in our neighborhood), and my friend that we were visiting with told me about an acquaintance he knew that made his living selling illustrations on stock websites. My mind was blown. Could people really make a living selling stock!? The thought of mailbox money consumed me and after a few internet searches I discovered flashden (it’s now call activeden). I was a flash developer. It was a stock flash website. It was too good to be true.

It still took me 3-4 months to get my first file up and since then I’ve got a pretty large portfolio of small to large web components.

It hasn’t always been easy breezy though. It definitely requires attention and if you neglect it your sales tank. Yesterday I passed a pretty big mile stone though. I have reached Envato Elite status (Envato is the Australian based company the started flashden and now a massive web empire of stock and tutorial websites). Elite status is a goal I’ve had from the start, and it’s been a long 3 years getting here. To finally pass the $75,000 mark and 70% commission feels pretty great though. From here on out it’s 70% commission on all sales, and considering I started at 25% it’s a big upgrade.

Honestly I feel my stock design and web business is just starting to take off. Last month I stepped out of the comfort zone of stock flash and released my first html site template, and this month I have a site that has a smorgasbord of flash, javascript, htm5, and wordpress that I’m hoping will be a hugh success. It’s pretty addicting once the sales start coming in.

If you’re a designer, artist, photographer, musician, coder you should really check out the marketplaces. And if you’re a regular person, small business, whatever, you should get yourself some web templates.

Next stop Power Elite.

You are sooooo f… talented

May 26th, 2011

Over last weekend I released a new stock flash file and the sales have been steady (thank you to all my buyers) since monday. Today though I actually got some feedback from a happy customer which I feel is a great accomplishment and thought I’d share it (see image above).

Considering I’ve sold over 5500 files you’d think I’d get more “you rock” comments, but they’re a rare treat. Thank you aweinfeld. You made my day.

Yup. My file got pirated.

March 23rd, 2011

As many of you know I am an aspiring author on the Envato marketplaces. If you’re unfamiliar with Envato you really should check it out. In short I produce high quality websites and components that if done for a client would cost hundreds/ thousands of dollars, but instead sell for a couple bucks on the marketplace (I mostly produce for Activeden aka Flashden).

Earlier this month I saw a hugh spike in my files’ traffic, and that usually translates into higher sales, but sales actually went down. I couldn’t figure it out; until today that is.

It seems that my top selling file has been leaked to the darker/ shader side of the intertubes. Yup that’s right. You can get one of the best bits of flash code I’ve produced with a simple click. So put on your best eye patch and pirate away.

You can preview the file here, and it’s still available for purchase here.

And if the price tag of $15 is really going to break the bank and you just can’t stop your swash-buckling-self you can venture to the darker side of the web and get my file here. (As a heads up be careful where you click and what you click. Sites like the one hosting the illegal download of my file are often traps for “banner ad hell” with misleading banners and promises of faster downloads with a monthly fee. Please don’t sign up for anything I think it’s got to be a crock. I think the link you’re looking for is the “slow download”).

I don’t know how long the illegal download will be available (I’ve emailed the sites asking them to remove the file) so get it while the gettings good.

Good-bye QueueLoader. Hello LoaderMax.

February 17th, 2011

A few years ago while I was making the switch from Actionscipt 2 to Actionscript 3 I discovered the power of sequential loading. To illustrate what sequential loading IS NOT I want you to think of a website that you’ve been to and it seems like it takes way to long to view the next image or next bit of content. Or you go to a site and it takes the page forever to load and slowly all the images start to load and there’s a bit or waiting. Well it’s the waiting that drove me nuts. Even to this day if I go to some slick website and it takes seconds for each image to load when I click the next button I get angry.

The solution is sequential loading. Loading one asset (often images) after the other. The idea behind it is that you’re internet connection will consume the first image quickly (with nothing else demanding it’s attention), and then moving on the next, and the next, next…

To do this I’ve been using Hydrotik’s QueueLoader. Which has served me well and has been the base of a lot of projects, but a new kid in the bulk loading crowd surfaced (Greensock’s LoaderMax) a while back and I decided to give it a try. And I tried several times to see if I could utilize it but each time failed. Until recently. The other day I tweeted that I was a looser when it came to LoaderMax, and Jack Doyle (Mr. Greensock himself and the author of all things flashtastic) emailed me seeing how he could help. And help he did.

I sent him a base file using QueueLoader that is similar to all the files I’ve built using QueueLoaer and Jack sent me back a sleek file that replace QueueLoader with LoaderMax.

I know I’m a bit of a dummy and still code on the first frame of my fla’s, but Jack showed me how to get LoaderMax running and working right. Below is the file he sent me using LoaderMax. I thought it might be useful to post the code and sample files here (for anyone searching the topic) and also to say thank you to Jack. I’m really looking forward to tapping into the power of LoaderMax.

The Replacement YouTube Player

February 10th, 2011

I admit that there is no better video service on the planet than YouTube, but I also admit that the standard YouTube player is not the prettiest. That’s was the thought behind my latest bit of code. A video player that works with youtube but doesn’t scream youtube player. For $12 it’s a great buy. Check it out on ActiveDen with all it’s features.