Boring Summer

August 4th, 2009 by marc

Wow a whole month of no posts. Life surely has continued, but the summer’s been a bit of a dull one. Because Theo is new to our family it’s stopped us from spending days at Bear Lake, and pretty much keeps us home. I’ve been working too much, but I guess that’s what happens when one of your clients stiffs you (I might post more on that later).

I have to admit there’s still a lot of getting used to the second kid. I remember when we got Gem life was pretty upside-down trying to find normal again, and with Tuan (Theo) it hasn’t been much different.

We do have a good times though, and here’s some evidence (yes it’s yet another photo and video of my kid, but they’re cute).

And a video of Gem’s ABCs (bless her heart she really can sing them just she gets on camera and I think half the alphabet goes out the window).

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