Back to the Usual Stuff

September 23rd, 2008 by marc

Back to regular life now. We landed back in town yesterday and it was a whole lot of fun to see Gem again (she stayed home). Tonight we were at our usual stuff just hanging out on the deck. Only Gem enjoyed a peach from our peach tree. We have a great life, but I can’t help but to wish I was always on vacation. Susan tells me I have post-vacation depression, but there hasn’t been much time to mope about with work demanding everything I can give it. I admit that after past vacations I’ve been known not to do much but wander about on the internet trying to get the guts to start work again, but today I just throw myself at it. I figure with Tuan coming home in a few months time I’m going to need to stock pile as much time off as possible. That’s a pretty good motivator.

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