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234 LBS

I'm fat. Not overweight or husky. Fat. I now weigh a chunky two hundred thirty-four pounds. Now granted I can walk down the street or go to the movies and spot several people who are more obese than myself, but at my current weight and size I'm on the verge of forming my own sumo team or at least risking serious heart damage and an early death. The last time I was my slimmer self was a couple years ago. Poor diet, lack of self-control, and quitting all exercise activities have brought me to my current stretch-marked state. The worse is I have new friends through school and church that have no clue that I was once a slimmer version.

For at least a year now (probably more) I've been telling myself that I would start loosing weight Monday morning; as I make this resolve I would usually be tucking into another “healthy” Sunday night treat. Well tonight I'm going to say it again. Tomorrow morning is the morning, and hopefully by posting my actual weight it will help me stay motivated longer than a night. I'm planning on posting progress and such here, so if you want to follow the fight stay tuned.

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