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H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y G E M !
This sweet girl turned 10 today. via Instagram

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On April 27, 2009, this sweet little boy officially joined our family. We were standing around waiting when @persimmonandpink spotted Theo's nannies walking him down the lane to meet us. There are so many sweet memories about this day and the days surrounding it. Like the cute outfit he was wearing were clothes that @ohanarocks had donated to the orphanage on our visit the day before (Theo's nanny loved him so much she had dressed him in the best clothes she had access to). Theo had a cough and the medicine they gave us was more like a candy bottle of "sweet tarts". He also had this silver bracelet that he wore until it got too small. It only took him a couple hours a nap to get used to us (at least Susan). It's been 6 years and he continues to amazing and delight us as parents. via Instagram

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It arrived a month earlier than apple said it would and now three days in I'm really enjoying having a watch again. via Instagram

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I'm guessing these are the reason the man next me is sound asleep. #frontrunner via Instagram

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Driving home from grandmas tonight with the windows rolled down and I look back and see Theo doing this. #goodlife #blessed via Instagram