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So this is the future?

November 9th, 2011

When watching a movie set in the future I always love to see how the creators portray technology and electronics. Often I think they’re totally off (like see-through-displays… I mean who wants to look at the dust or wall behind their computer screen). But often I think the tech companies follow art or in this case scifi movies. For example Motorola developed the flip phone specifically because of the Star Trek and Cap’n Kirks flip communicator device.

The video above is fun to watch. Is it really what 2019 will be like? I have my doubts. The one thing I am a fan of is all the apps that are shown none of them have that stupid “real” look like a lot of Apple’s apps do—I’m still not sure how a leading industrial design company can produce some of the lamest app deigns.

And I doubt by 2019 Gotham will be the universal font of everything (it’s the hot typeface of right now). But I’m hoping better design is part of the future. Just about every app I see could use a bit of help in the design department. And definitely no more leather and or the dumb page peel effect from 5 years ago. Let’s move one.

Steve Jobs

November 7th, 2011

This weekend I finished up the biography of Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson. It was an interesting insight, and I walked away with a lot of different thoughts and impressions. I think it’s caused me to reflect on my own life and evaluate what’s important. I’ve also found myself pushing harder to producer better work (smarter designs and a lot more “polish” than my usual fair). It’s also left me with a more realistic view of Apple and Steve.

Whether you own an Apple product or not Steve Jobs’ influence has effected all of us. It was Steve and his vision of the future that brought us the personal computer, smart phone, and now the tablet/ post pc devices. I don’t think he was the smartest guy or the kindest, but circumstance and time put him in the perfect position to shape the tech world.

One final insight that I got from the book was that Apple has been a successful company because their number one focus is the product and the design. Not the numbers or how much profit they can make. I think as a graphic designer this rings true because you can do a lot of unpleasant design work for other people and their money. Somedays you want to poke your eyes out because of client feedback and shear boredom of bad jobs. In the end the goal is to do what you love and produce great work, and if you’re doing that the money will follow. Hopefully anyways.

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November 3rd, 2011

WordPress Video Test

November 3rd, 2011

Despite the photos it really was a great night

November 2nd, 2011