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July 4th, 2011

When I lived in Taiwan for 2 years I grew to love Asian food (Taiwan serves up the best cuisine from all over China, Japan, Singapore, Mongolia…), and I will argue until the day I die that Taipei has the best food in all of Asia. Fast forward a couple years and 2 Vietnamese kids later and I have to say that Vietnam has some really fantastic food too. In fact we more often go out to eat Vietnamese food over Chinese (but that has to do more with the fact the American Chinese food is really nothing like what you eat in the middle kingdom).

Yesterday we made our second attempt to create the taste of Vietnam in our kitchen, and I’ll say it was a hit. We had “bun” or noodle salad with crispy spring rolls, and even Theo liked it (granted he only ate the fried spring rolls). Anyone want to come over next time we have “Bun”?