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January 28, 2011 - Comments Off on Last Nights AIGA: Hatch Design

Last Nights AIGA: Hatch Design

Last night I made my dear sweet wife cancel her hair appointment so I could attend the local AIGA lecture. The speakers were Joel Templin and Katie Jain of Hatch Design, and I have to say they've done some amazing work. Amazing! Their self promotional work is by far some of the best design work that's happened in the last 5 years. Genius.

They also have partnered with some folks in wine country to produce JAQK Cellars, a unique wine label, that is stunningly beautiful. The fact that the wine bottles are currently featured at the SF MOMA says a lot about the quality of the design and craftsmanship that's gone into the project.

They have some serious talent and it reminded me of why I design and produce a lot of my ActiveDen projects. I think Designers' (myself included) best work comes out when we work on self directed projects. Projects where 100% of the creative control is up to me.

Anyway, last night was really inspiring and has my mind spinning with ideas and hoping for a better design future.