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September 24, 2010 - Comments Off on Another Activeden File: Coming Soon Count Down Microsite

Another Activeden File: Coming Soon Count Down Microsite

It's been a few months since I uploaded a new file my stock flash account over on ActiveDen, but that doesn't mean I haven't been busy. This is my newest file approved for sale and it's again one of the finest bits of coding I've ever done. It's a microsite or mini portfolio that steamed from me having to burn the old marcfolio site to rid it of a russian virus and meanwhile I needed something that could be put up quickly and look great. The file also comes with a lighter version for those mobile users who might stumble across your site and not see the wicked flash content.

Go get yourself some flash.

September 23, 2010 - Comments Off on Welcome Back TV

Welcome Back TV

Thank heavens for the return of fall TV. We watched the season premiere of Glee last night and I don't know how we ever survive summers without TV (honestly we keep pretty busy, but it seems every time we sit down to watch something we can't find anything worth watching during the summer). So with the changing leaves and the cooler crisp air also comes the return of good TV. I love fall.

September 20, 2010 - Comments Off on Halo Reach with Theo

Halo Reach with Theo

I have been a pretty big fan of Halo since the original debuted and have since played through the campaign of each subsequent version (Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo ODST, and now Halo Reach). Halo Reach is the prologue or prequel to the first game, and last night I made it through the game. The ending was fantastic and really a great end to the whole Halo universe.

Last Sunday though Theo woke up from his nap early and so I went and laid down on the couch to watch some TV with him (to keep him from waking everyone else in the house up). When we powered up the Xbox the above video was being featured and Theo said that's what he wanted to watch (I did too so it wasn't a hard sell). The kid lit up. I mean he went coo-coo-for-cocoa-puffs. And so we watched it and the extended version a couple of times (the video above by the way is a whole lot more visually stunning than any video game).

It was a lot of fun to have a buddy who was enjoying it as much if not more than I was, and made me look forward to having a partner in crime for all those very boy video games, movies, etc. I can't remember if I told Susan if we watched it (due to the violent nature of the video and I probably shouldn't have been showing it to me 3 year old son), but Theo told Susan all about our Sunday viewing the next day and how we laid on the couch together and watch the super action packed trailer (he was still pretty pumped up about it). It really made me smile because since joining our family Theo has always preferred Susan and this was one time where I don't think he was bummed to be stuck with "bo".

September 15, 2010 - 1 comment.

Farewell Dirt Claude

Yes. Dirt Claude is how I would best describe our Volvo (not the precious cargo inside). It was an ebay purchase and although driving it home from California was really fun (included my first visit to an Ikea and an Apple store) it also required close to two grand to get it street legal back home in Utah. I'd say it's best day was the drive from Las Vegas to Ogden. Yes we had a lot of memories and listened to loads of audio books in that car but it seemed every year required a hugh sum of cash to get it to pass safety and emissions. What a dirt claude.

I would post a pic of our new car, but if you drive down the street and look to your right or left you'll probably see one just like it (it's a white honda civic). I have to admit it was extremely unpleasant buying this car. One, Susan and I disagree on cars (she buys with her head and I buy with my heart), and two, it was our first car dealer purchase. The car salesman was fine. Once I learned to play their game of demanding a lot and not giving in it went easy, but no one told me I'd have to continue the fight all the way out the door. The finance dude had us driving out the door with $2,500 of extra this and thats that I told him we didn't want, but he made them all sound like they were necessary and not optional. I came home feeling just sick and after looking over the final invoice (and call to our salesman) I really felt cheated. So this morning first thing I went to the dealership and told the finance dude he was dishonest and the way he did things was down right stupid and to remove all the crap I didn't want or need.

So now I'm a happy car owner. I'll probably write another post related to our experience. How we survived and the biggest part how the dealership used graphic design to manipulate people into over buying. Lastly, though I want to wish our Dirt Claude a happy farewell. You will be missed, and I'm sure years from now we'll laugh at the days of driving around the ticking time bomb that never did go off.