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May 24, 2010 - Comments Off on My Brave Little Daughter

My Brave Little Daughter

The other day Susan abandoned me and the kids at the mall and mentioned we could get Gem's ear's pierced (becuase at the moment Gem was melting because I wouldn't buy her yellow flip flops at the gap). After it was mentioned there was nothing stopping this little girl. She was pretty proud she didn't cry—that kid is one tough cookie.

May 9, 2010 - 3 comments

Life with a Mustache

At work a couple of the designers and I decided that we would grow beards and then on May 5th cut them to mustaches for "Cinco de Mustache". And it went as planned. Four or five of us had some nice mustaches. Well May 6TH came and everyone was back to clean faces or stubble, but I decided to keep the stache. And then the next day and the next and here I am now stroking my mustache and thinking why I don't I do this more frequently.

May 7, 2010 - Comments Off on Leaked Iron Man 2 Clip

Leaked Iron Man 2 Clip

Gotcha! Ha! That's what I thought when I say this spoof. Pretty smart if you ask me.

I am excited to see Iron Man 2, though I think Theo is even more so (though he won't be seeing it anytime soon). I printed out a poster of Iron man a couple of months ago (because I'm a geek like that), and Theo has really gravitated to it. Susan said the other day while at the gas station he kept pointing at the Iron Man advertisement saying something over and over, and then she finally figured out he was saying "iron man". The show would probably be right up his alley. The other day he came into the bedroom while I was putting my socks on and with his pajama sleeve pointed it at me (his hand drawn in so it made a large barrel) and proceeded to "shoot me". I guess us boys are just drawn to futuristic gadgets and weaponry.