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February 21, 2010 - Comments Off on Apple Just Might Surprise us with Flash on the iPad

Apple Just Might Surprise us with Flash on the iPad

I see myself as an interactive designer more than a flash developer, but when Steve Jobs comes down on flash the way the internets have been rumoring he has it creates a little concern. That was until the other day when I was surfing the web on my iPhone and I viewed the "Magical" iPad promo video and noticed that the video had been edited since the last I saw it—in which Apple had taken out the flash portions of the New York times web page and replaced it with the blue broken plugin lego block. See below.

The image above was how the video displayed a few days after Apple got some flack that the iPad didn't have flash support. But upon viewing the video again I noticed that the flash areas were back. See below.

I'm hopeful that the pressure of every other mobile phone and tablet getting flash support in the coming months will force Apple to finally give us the full internet. I've seen a few videos of flash player running on Android devices and it's really exciting to see the possibilities of running flash and flash apps on a phone.

On another note I am back to blogging. My goal was to start again the first of the year, but wanted to do it with style and that meant waiting on my new wordpress theme. Which I need to finish polishing this week, but I'm anxious to start publishing my ramblings to the intertubes. So here you tubes. Cheers.