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May 26, 2009 - Comments Off on Excuse the New Store Mess

Excuse the New Store Mess

My blog is a lot of things and I'm adding a new purpose to the list tonight. Online store. Over the past couple of months I've been selling some custom flash pieces as stock over at the FlashDen, and so far it's been a pretty fun side project. It's weird to know that there are hundreds of people out in the world now that own a piece of code by Marc Garner. A few of the purchasers have contacted me and it's interesting to see how the files are incorporated into their projects. I've seen a portfolio, a Danish furniture designer's site, and one of my video players was used for a Baptist Church in the South.

Anyway, I get a lot of traffic from Adobe's exchange, and I thought why not try and get those sells directly.

So my apologies if you come to my site to view photos of my kids (sorry dad) or if you come to the site for my other posts, forgive me for looking a bit like digital car lot. I'll continue to post about family, design, life, and such, but there's now going to be a few flash based stock projects for sale mixed in.

May 22, 2009 - 1 comment.

Gem’s Last Day

These past couple of days we've been letting Gem walk out to the bus all by herself, and she's pretty proud of herself. Today is her last day of preschool for the school year. Congrats Gem! We love you kiddo.

May 17, 2009 - Comments Off on 方大同 – 小小蟲

方大同 – 小小蟲

While over in Viet Nam we had lots of time to spend in our hotel room (with a new toddler we needed to conform to his routine), and our TV in the room had a ton of channels, but there were only three channel that were English. The travel channel, HBO, and discovery. But much to my happiness they also had chinese MTV. Which is much better than MTV here in the states (no reality TV just music videos). Anyway, it was always a good source for some quick entertainment (like when Vietnam censors the show on Discovery I had been waiting to watch).

Anyway, thank you MTV for introducing me to this guy. Ever since my days in Taiwan I've been a pretty big fan of Mandarin Pop, and it's been a while since I've discovered some one new. This was my favorite video that would come one.

I want to thank this small insect for giving me this opportunity
This is my first taste of love
感覺好奇怪 好像 傷害了誰
It feels weird, similar to harming someone
或許我太壞 把小蟲摔下來 去換你的愛
Or maybe it’s because I’m bad, throwing down the insect and exchanging it for your love

May 14, 2009 - 2 comments

Backyard Office

We have a pretty small home. Built in 1936 it has 3 bedrooms and for the most part is plenty big for us. The biggest space concern we have with our house though is both Susan and I work from home. She quilts, crafts, and designs in the second family room space (sharing with all the kids toys and our treadmill), and I use the third bedroom as the world-wide-head-quarters of Marcfolio.

Long story short a while back I was outside in our yard and started to dream up a plan to build a backyard office space, and since then have been searching for a perfect solution. When I saw this one I thought it was pretty close. I love the sunken space and with the glass bulb top it's pretty futuristic. I could totally see myself walking out back to work every morning, and in winter it'd be pretty sweet covered in snow (snow cave).


Found the photos here:

May 13, 2009 - Comments Off on Hammock Fun

Hammock Fun

When we left for Vietnam the weather here in Utah was still very springish (meaning an occasional snow shower), but give it 2 weeks and Utah really starts to bloom.

The other day the kids and I hung the hammock for the first time this year. You'd think a hammock would be quiet time and relaxing, and Tuan totally gets the idea of the hammock (he just wanted to fall asleep next to me), but Gem on the other hand can't seem to lay still long enough for me to snap a photo of her and Tuan together. She's always climbing up to the hooks of the hammock, jumping down, and swinging until she falls out. Very good times, well until the last time when Gem jumped and took Tuan with her and he came up with a face full of dirt.