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More Weekend Action

July 29th, 2008

My sister’s family got a boat this summer, and since my little brother lives closest to them he is also being towed behind the sucker all the time. He’s starting to get pretty good too. In my wakeboarding days I couldn’t pull off any sweet tricks (just big air, big falls, and even bigger laughs). So this little video is dedicated to Eric, my little brother, and his journey to pro wakeboard status.

Over the 24TH

July 26th, 2008



The first part of last week was pretty intense. I had full flash website to build out before we headed up to my parents cabin for the annual “Garner Retreat”, and fortunately I pulled it off by 5PM wednesday. The site went live and I think the client was happy. You can check out the work by clicking here. My roll was in the project was pretty much just flash developer (the agency I was contracted by did most the design). After wrapping up the site we loaded the wagon and headed to the lake.

The first picture is of thursday’s breakfast Susan whipped up. An egg strata that was fantastically delicious. Susan is quite amazing and looks fabulous in her cute new hair cut. The second photo is of Gem in the lake. The kid loves the water. The family was as also a hoot, and I got my once a year wakeboard fix on for a short 20 minutes with a full on butt flop. Maybe I’ll see if I can get the video online later.

Backyard Antics

July 23rd, 2008




Good-bye, My Precious

July 20th, 2008


Tonight I sold my car. I finally got the “dirt claud” running smooth as the day I got it (after some serious repair bills) and then what do I do? Sell it. We rarely took the sucker out, and I think my neighbors hated the sight of it (only having a one car garage the jeep usually just sat ideal on the street). In fact the only time it ever got out was when I’d take it to visit a few local clients or when Gem and I would go for a joy ride around the hood before parking it in the driveway (I think Gem will be upset when she realizes it’s gone. She was pretty ticked when a dad and daughter came to test drive it). But having been in my possession for the last 12 years it was hard to see go. I think the only other thing that I’ve owned that’s been in my possession for close to that long is my old Guitar in the closet (any buyers?).

The funny thing is I put the jeep up for sale 10 years ago, but because it didn’t have a 6 or 8 cylinder engine NO ONE wanted to touch it. This time around there was a lot more interest and everyone mentioned they wanted the smaller engine for better fuel economy. I guess $1 a gallon of gas to $4.25 does shift people’s perspective (granted they SHOULD have been looking for something like a VW Rabbit or Honda something or other that gets 30MPG not 12MPG). Oh well. Here’s to old relics that we keep around far too long for whatever reason. Black Jeep I hope you live a long life without me. You will be missed and remembered for the good times like giving Susan her engagement ring, watching movies at the drive-in on the roof, mud puddles splashed through, Gem bouncing around yelling “Geep Geep!” , and not for the bad times like the 3 times you stranded me in a weeks time, when Becka Malon rear-ended us, or the time you got a flat in front of Tamari’s in a snow storm. Good luck buddy.

Finally an Airline Safety Video Worth Watching

July 17th, 2008

You know the drill. You’re taxing down the runway and the flight attendant stands at the front of the cabin and shows you how to survive if the plane were to crash, loose cabin pressure, etc, etc, etc. I can’t remember the last time I watch. Actually that’s a not true. When flying international it’s a bit more entertaining (maybe it’s the fact that they have uniforms and look more the part of stewardess than flight attendant in a frumpy polo). Anyway I found this Virgin America safety video and couldn’t stop watching. I’ve never flown Virgin. Out west it seems it’s Delta, Delta connection, or Southwest. Maybe we can fly east and get us a flight on Virgin.