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Head-Up Display

April 9th, 2008



I’m still debating on this movie (Iron Man) as far as whether it will be a hit or not. It kind of looks like a flop like Dare Devil (only one among many of the bad comic book turned hollywood flicks) was, but there was one thing that got me excited from the latest trailer. The HUD (or head-up display for you non techies). I wouldn’t mind it if my Volvo had something like this, but from what I’ve seen in even the nicest of new cars the manufactures don’t seem to spend the money or time in developing the dashboard and user controls like they could.

I personally love the little airplane icons. Click the picture to get a larger view.

Do you think Flash is here to stay?

April 8th, 2008

Occasionally I visit or the “favorite website award” site. The site basically highlights a different Flash website that is innovative and/or well designed everyday. I’m sure just about every web designer dreams of their site being featured. I think of winning a FWA as the big parade they use to give to people like Amelia Earhart for crossing the Atlantic. It’s a big deal but then again it’s not (the parade analogy might be a bit over the top, but everyone likes to be recognized for good work), and often they just feature the same boring big budget crap for nike or some car company.

Anyway, I was on the site the other day and thought I’d see if there were any good interviews or articles. I think their interviews consist of a list of questions they email different winners, because all the interview questions are the same from designer to designer. One of the questions is “Do you think Flash is here to stay?” All the responses I’ve ever read are something to the tune of “flash rocks and it’ll never die! Viva la Flash!!!” and with Flash as widely spread as it is why not think that.

I’ve often thought about what my responces to their questions would be, and until recently my response to that question would have been something quite similar, but the other day as I was reading the interview I actually thought “maybe not”. What’s changed my opinion is the iPhone. Nine months ago I thought the entire web should be created using flash, but recently I started a project and I debated whether flash was really the tool for the job. There’s nothing more annoying than being somewhere and wanting information or wanting to watch an embedded video clip only to get that crappy broken lego “plugin missing” icon. Fo now I usually create two sites or alternate content that displays if the user doesn’t have flash. At least that way they can have contact information or links to crucial non-flash parts of a site. Eventually the iPhone or other mobile computing devices will be more powerful and able to handle the processing power that flash requires, but if flash starts to go the way of the Green Sea Turtle you can blame Apple.

My Sick Girls

April 8th, 2008


Susan isn’t really sick (maybe she is but it’s still early on), but Gem has been running a high fever and playing the queen of the double wide (laying around and watching “Swiss Family Robinson”). I feel bad for her though so almost any command I’m willing to fulfill.

One of the kickers with kids though is when do you take them to the doctor? Early on Susan and I differed on this (she wanting to go and I wanted to wait it out). Once we went to the doctor because Susan thought for sure Gem was ill, but it turned out she was just a 2 year old girl who couldn’t talk. And then there’s me who when sitting there staring at my little girl’s toe-bone sticking out of her flesh thought, “Awe, let’s wait ’til tomorrow.” I think we’ve come to a pretty good halfway point. It’s funny though; these are things I guess I never thought about before being a parent.

Bad Breath

April 6th, 2008

Last night I attended a large church meeting where the men of the church watch a satellite broadcast of our Prophet and other church leaders from the Church’s conference center in Salt Lake. As always it’s a great meeting and I enjoyed attending, but that’s not what this post is about. See I was a bit late showing up and the church was packed. So I ended up going into the overflow and there was an available seat between two men—here’s what this post is about—One of these men had breath that I’d say it was pretty comparable to Diesel’s (my greyhound) breath. Kind of fishy and not what you want to be breathing for 2 hours (I’m not claiming to be a wonder breath; I had just come from eating Vietnamese food, but had brushed and swished mouthwash before showing up). Fish breath wasn’t too intolerable but it reminded me of a time when we went to the movies a few years back.

Susan and I met up with her family in Salt Lake to catch a film together (Susan really wanted to see “Whale Rider” and being a lesser known movie it was only playing down in Salt Lake). Anyway there we are the whole family taking up almost an entire row watching the previews when Cal (Susan’s dad) ask me to switch spots with Susan’s mom (Kathy). I thought it was kind of odd (considering I would no longer be sitting next to my wife). I figured Cal had something he wanted to talk about or a good reason to have me switch. It turned out he did have a reason but not a very pleasant one. I soon figured out that there was a horrible smell in this part of the theater. It was either the man in front or behind I can’t remember now but I do remember that I was sure it was his breath because the smell came and went but often was stronger when you’d hear him laugh or sigh heavy. I will never be able to watch “Whale Rider” again. I’m afraid if I do the smell will somehow come back and haunt me.

So anyway I not sure there was a point to this post, but I thought it pretty funny. Do old men with bad breath not know that they are breathing fumes that offend? Maybe I have a sensitive nose (my wife tells me I do), but I find myself next to an odorous person more frequently than I’d like. I apologize if I have ever offended anyone with my bad breath. I’ll try and stay on top of it though.