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Gem’s Third Birthday

April 28th, 2008


Yesterday was Gem’s big day. We got her dressed up in her favorite outfit for church and had a great time all day playing with new toys, balloons, and eating cake and cookies.

Gem really does love balloons so while at the party supply place getting the balloons I saw this giant one and new she’d go “coocoo for cocoa puffs”. I was right.

Waiting for the Bus

April 22nd, 2008


Yup, you heard it right. Gem has started school. She started preschool last week and yesterday was her first time riding the bus to school. I know what you’re thinking, “she’s much too young to be riding the bus to school,” but it’s actually a great preschool for kids who are delayed. And Gem’s speech/ language is delayed.

She was so excited to ride the bus though, and as the bus pulled up she was smiling and laughing… Susan takes her out and as she starts up the stairs of the bus Gem’s excitement turns to horror when she sees the “bus lady”. Not the driver but the woman who takes care of all the kids. She was a little old, and Gem for some reason is scared to death of anyone with a few wrinkles. Gem immediately wanted off the bus, but being the loving parents we are Susan strapped her into the seat belt gave her a wave and the poor thing was off to school.

It was pretty hard to see her riding the bus to school. I mean she’s only 3, but she loves it and hopefully it will help her to start talking better.

Talking to a Legend

April 18th, 2008


Conversation might be a bit of a stretch. Truthfully it was a few emails back and forth. The other day I was reading the blog of Erik Spiekermann (design legend, and one of the worlds greatest typographers). He posted something about wanting to blog from his iPhone so I left a comment telling him that I’ve been posting from my iPhone (with photos) since switching to wordpress. Well later that evening I got an email back from Erik himself. He mostly wanted to know more and so I gave him the run down. He then emailed me back and said he liked my blog and wanted to know what typeface I used for the body (only viewable on the latest version of safari).

I was actually surprised to learn how tech savvy Erik is, but when you think about it any graphic designer who has been in the business from lead type to today’s computers is bound to be tech savvy. You have to be in order to adapt to the latest tools of the trade. At the same time though I’ve met a few designers the same age as Erik and they have peons to do a lot of their work for them because they can’t get around the latest apps. All and all Erik Spiekermann is pretty cool.

So as you read this post you should know that some (one) of the world’s greatest designers have browsed these pages (makes me wish I had spent a little more time designing it). Whether Erik added me to his daily RSS feed I doubt it. You can checkout Erik Spiekermann’s blog here:

Susan’s Craft

April 16th, 2008



I posted a while back ’bout Susan getting into the “beehive baazar”, and since then she has been busy getting things ready. It’s fun to see her getting such a large collection of items together. I’m dang proud to see her artwork come to life. Here is a picture I snapped this morning of her bag of dolls. Over the course of a week this bag has gone from felted wool to doll body parts to now completed naked dolls.

As Gem would say, “ba ma gho, ba ma gho!” or translated “Go Susan Go!”

What We Do At Night

April 10th, 2008


The past couple nights after dinner this is what Gem and I have done. She pulls out the crayons and we work on her colors. She almost knows them all, but the red crayon throws her (I think it’s because the paper wrapper on the red crayon is kind of pinkish).

She’s still a bit on the sick side and she seems to have dropped a few pounds. It’s sad because if she looses any more weight none of her clothes will stay up on her waist.