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A Whole Week

March 23rd, 2008


Just a few more days before it’s back to the world of deadlines and 12 hour work days. While abroad Susan keeps prompting me to get a job overseas so we can live the ex-pat life. We shall sea. This photo was taken moments before Gem fell into the fountain. All in all a good Easter (even if Gem and I spent the church hour outside the chapel).

Happy Easter

March 23rd, 2008


Apple Made My Day

March 20th, 2008

So I’ve a had a bit of time to dink around with the new version of Safari (3.1 I think it is). Anyway Apple has done few tweaks to eag- out more performance, which is fine and dandy by all means, but they also included a feature of CSS3 that I’ve been waiting for since my beginnings of creating for the internet: CSS3 Web Fonts.

It can be a pain or bothersome to have to design using only a handful of fonts. With web fonts designers can now use whatever fonts they seem fit for the project at hand (without using flash or text in images). This also means we’ll probably start seeing more and more bad typography on the web, and fonts like “Papyrus” being used way too often (Check out Kevin’s tale of the misuse of Papyrus). I’m not sure if Firefox already supports this feature. I’m confidant the version for the Mac doesn’t, and I know IE probably doesn’t so it’ll be a while before we can all start designing with “Gotham” as the body text or “Eurostyle” headers. I’m sure other browsers will follow suit, but if you own a Mac or PC give Safari 3.1 a chance.

Off To See The Wizard

March 18th, 2008







Here are a few shots of the “Vay-Kay” so far. We’re having a great time (Gem has yet to stop smiling and she pretty much swam herself into a coma yesterday).

It’s funny, Susan and I have both commented how beautiful the people of Mexico are (not like we didn’t know already), but today while walking home from breakfast she said, “Dang, why didn’t I marry a Mexican?”. I’m taking that as a clue that I need to tan up a bit, loose a few more lbs, and grow my old mustache.

And Now She Sleeps

March 16th, 2008


After a very early morning and a long flight to LA, then on to Mexico. She finally falls a sleep 15 minutes out side of Mazatlan. It’s going to be a fun trip.