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August 31, 2007 - 1 comment.

One Hundred and a Quarter

(Susan even got Gem to say, "Yeah, dad!" for me.)

At the end of July I set a goal that in the month of August I would run 100 miles. So with my Nike+ shoes and Nano I set out on what I thought would be impossible or at least pretty tough—up until then the most miles I had ever run in a month was 54 (heck, I had only ran around 300 miles since I began running)—well, today at 7AM I crossed the 100 mile mark.The photo is of my Nike+ graph that shows all the gore detail of the month. What it doesn't show is that it took running about 5–6 times a week (average of 4 miles a run for 40–45 minutes), that a few of miles were in Boise, how my clothes were drenched after every run, the Ogden High cheerleaders witnessed half the miles, or that everyone in my neighborhood now refers to me as "the guy that goes running".Maybe for September I'll try for a 6 minute mile.

August 22, 2007 - Comments Off on Sorry Mother Earth (Reprise)

Sorry Mother Earth (Reprise)

I was right about every iPhone user getting a giant book sized bill. The largest I've heard of so far is a girl who got a 300 page itemized bill. It cost at&t over $7 just to get it to her, and it was so big it came in a box! Anyway I guess those goons over at at&t wised up because today I got this text message saying I wouldn't receive an itemized detailing in my bill anymore—I'm still going paperless though.Gee after this and the last post I'm starting to bore myself let alone the 5 readers of my sorry little blog. For you faithful I'll post something great later in the week to reward you.

August 9, 2007 - 2 comments

Sorry Mother Earth

68 pages of this.

I just received my first phone bill from AT&T since I got my iPhone last month and lets just say I'm a little shocked. The bill/ charges were just what I was expecting, but what I wasn't expecting was an A4 envelope with 68 pages. Usually my statement or bill comes in a regular business sized envelope with maybe 4–5 pages of calls that me and my wife made over the course of the month. This month’s bill had the regular couple pages, and in addition 62 pages detailing every little “1KB” I transfered while using my iPhone on the network. I'm sure I'm not the only at&t customer that got a large envelope, but when you’re on unlimited plan is it really necessary to detail all the data transfers? Talk about killing a forest—I actually feel guilty that my cute little phone caused the death of what would seem at least one tree. Al Gore would not be pleased to say the least (maybe he got the same mammoth sized bill detailing all his iPhone comings and goings too). Needless to say I just signed up for paperless billing. Sorry mother earth.

August 3, 2007 - Comments Off on You’re Goin’ to Wanna Watch it Twice

You’re Goin’ to Wanna Watch it Twice

Now, for your viewing pleasure here is a short clip of our little Gem enjoying a run down the “slip and slide”. I think she’s adorable and love how she runs around with her arms out to her side—I’m sure I’m biased but I’m confident you’ll wanna watch it twice. Enjoy.