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Took last week off

July 30th, 2007

Gem looking rather upset. Really she loves the lake.

This little girl loves water. Every time she gets a hold of a cup of water she pours it all down the front of her. I guess she likes to cool off.

“Coolots for Men!”

July 19th, 2007

Naked Gap mannequins.

It’s a sad day when your closest Gap is going out of business (it probably speaks volumes of the economics and demographics of Ogden and the surrounding area). This isn’t something totally new though this will be the third Gap I’ve seen close its doors; each time having to travel further and further to get my sales rack fix. It’s not like I only shop Gap (maybe in my youth), but it’s always been a good source for a shirt or jeans every now and again. It’s a shame I’ll have to travel 50 miles to shop now.Well last night I was in the Gap dressing room trying on a pair of what I call “man capris”—first, let me explain that when I was looking at them on the rack the guy next to me must have caught the vision too, because as soon as I pulled them of the rack and started to move on he came over and pulled a pair off and held them up to see if they would be up to size—so I’m in the dressing room trying on various items, and I hear the guy and his wife in the next dressing room as she is giving him a thumbs up or down on the clothes he’s trying on. And he must have put on the “man capris”, because his wife says in a tone of disapproval and disgust, “They’re like coolots for men!”

Why is it that American men cannot wear Capris? Or I should say why are they afraid to wear them? European men have been enjoying showing off their calfs for years now. Years ago I was hiking in Zion National Park and I bumped into a Parisian man hiking Angels Landing sporting “clam diggers” and I thought, “dang I want a pair of capris.” A few years later on holiday in Taiwan I found a pair of them and brought them back only to be laughed at by family and friends, but I would not let go of my calf bearing crop pants. I think this is the first season I’ve seen mens capirs (or “long shorts” as the Gap coined them) being sold in the States, and I hope to see them back next summer. I’m sure a lot of that depends if Americans can wrap their heads around the idea of men wearing pants that hit about mid calf. So here’s to hoping for a new Gap to comeback into Ogden and capris for the masses (or at least the confident few who can endure the laughs and stares from those who probably ran our Gap out of town in the first place).


July 13th, 2007

Gem sporting dad's sunglasses

Gem looking her glamorous self. I am one proud father.


July 12th, 2007

A strange thing happened the other day. I received an email from “Marc Garner”. It was a little bizarre. I first thought someone must have hacked my email and sent an email from my own account, but after reading the first few lines I discovered it was actually a guy in the UK that has the same name as me. He was emailing to just say hello and that he liked my websites—he too is a web graphic designer, but he’s been in the business much longer than me (I guess he never thought to register I know there are plenty of people with the name “Marc” in the world but I never thought I’d get an email from another “Marc Garner.”

This really shouldn’t surprise me though. When we purchased our last home the bank put the brakes on because there was another woman in Ogden who had just filed for bankruptcy with the exact same name as my wife, and the bank wanted to make sure it wasn’t my wife. The fact that the first namesake I meet lives in the UK makes me pretty lucky I guess. At this point I count myself lucky that I didn’t go to grade school with another “Marc Garner”.

One Fast Little Girl

July 9th, 2007

With every roll of pictures I take it seems the majority of them turn out like the pictures above. No matter how hard I try or fast I turn the shutter she’s constantly falling out of frame or blurring across it. One thing is for sure Gem is quick.