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Photobooth: Family Photo

April 22nd, 2007
Marc, Susan, Huong, and Diesel.

The other night we were all hanging out in the basement and Susan’s iMac’s photobooth was launched by accident and we started to snap some shots. Pretty soon Diesel our dog wanted in on the fun, and it was fun for one or two shots but soon Gem and Diesel lost interest—I hadn’t. So if in some of the photos the daughter and dog look a little “man handled” or forced it’s probably so.

Designs Unseen

April 21st, 2007
marcfolio requirements page

I’m sure there’s many a flasher out in the world that has created a flash site and in doing completed a few crucial elements that probably go unseen. I’m talking about the requirements page or the page that comes up if you don’t have Adobe’s Flash Player installed. Often it’s the last part of the project I design and because of it’s simplicity and quick deployment I think it’s often one of the better parts of the project (and I love how it works. If you have the player you don’t ever see it

but if you don’t then you get the install prompt instead of the original content). But because most viewers already have the player installed it goes unseen. So here is a pic of my latest requirements page and flash plugin checker. Later this week I should have the new landing page for and put up and if you don’t have flash 8 then you’ll see the requirements, but chances are this is all you’ll see of it.


April 8th, 2007
Gem on Easter Sunday
Gem Roaring that she loves Easter

Gem showing how much she loves Easter.

10 Days Home

April 3rd, 2007
Susan, Marc, Gem on tandum bike

Emma’s “Welcome Home” card.

It’s now been ten days home and Gem is adjusting very well. She’s adorable (I’m sure every parent says that of their kids but honest she is). The first couple days home were terrible. I think her little body was still on Vietnam time and so sleeping or should I say not sleeping was awful. I think for four or five days I got maybe ten hours of sleep not to mention we started it all off with the flight home from hell. That’s a whole other story but let’s just say of the twenty-four hours travel time she slept maybe three hours—No wonder I came home with a cold.

At the airport we had a great little welcome party waiting for us. My niece Emma was so excited and glad to have Gem home that she started to cry. It was very endearing and made just about everyone else boob. Her birthday was way back in November and when asked what she wanted for her birthday she would reply, “My cousin Gem to come home.” She’s wanted her home as much as us almost. Later my sister said Em cried all the way home. Emma also penned the above illustration for Susan, me and Gem. It’s quite the picture. I particularly like the top hat I’m wearing. I wish I was that classy. All in all it’s good to be back and getting some things back to normal—as normal as can be expected with now having a toddler running the house.