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December 25th, 2006


December 21st, 2006

It’s about time someone made a movie about one of my favorite things—type. I love type, and specifically I love Helvetica. Maybe as I continue to mature in my design helvetica will loose favor, but right now and for over the past year Helvetica is my fav. I love it.

This clip is from the up-coming documentary Helvetica. The film looks like it’ll have some great displays of type, and interviews with some pretty amazing designers. I’m sure designers everywhere will flock to film festivals and art show houses to get their fill of type, and design professors will be showing this film in to their “Typography” students for years to come.

In the above clip my favorite line is when Wim says,”I see today… designers use all tyefaces…One day one typeface the other day one typeface. All in favor of a certain atmosphere. I’m… I’m not. I don’t like that.” I hope it comes to Sundance. Fingers crossed.

You can see more information about the film at


December 18th, 2006

i am vietnamese logo

Here are two discoveries my wife made this past weekend that I thought were really great. The first is a holiday gift tag that was illustrated by an Illustrator in Spain. Susan asked me to print a couple for her so I pulled out some of my coaster thick letterpress paper and sent it through the inkjet. Wouldn’t you want your name on that tag?

The second design came with an order we placed for a t-shirt for Gem. I thought the design was very smart—by highlighting the letters “i” and “am” from the word “vietnamese” to read “I am Vietnamese”—brilliant!


December 11th, 2006

How does a word go from being just a word to a marketing must use word? For example “high-definition” or the abbreviated version HD. Steve Jobs proclaimed 2005 “the year of High-Definition video” though there was never any real headway. I understand the use of the word when it comes to products that display or capture video in “high-def”, but the other day I was listening to NPR and the station that was broadcasting came on and made a plug that their station was now in high-definition. The funny thing was I couldn’t tell a difference—Diane Rehm sounded no different to when I listened to her in non-high-definition.

Another word that seems to have risen to superstardom is “design”. I believe we have Target to thank for this one, and as Graphic Designers we should be grateful for Target. The Target “design for all” has influenced far more than soccer moms and anti-walmarters, but Corporate America and small businesses have realized that well-designed products sell and visually strong communication materials are more successful than the alternative. But the word “design” seems to be popping up everywhere. It wasn’t until I saw a local beauty shop calling itself a design studio that I thought “buzz word”. I’ve noticed that hair stylist are now calling themselves designers too. I guess nine months at hair school makes you a designer.

Maybe I should stop using “design” or “designer” when people ask me my profession. What are the alternatives? graphic artist? visual communication? Maybe I’ll just throw HD on the end. Marcfolio. Graphic Design in High-Definition.


December 8th, 2006

A family that’s adopting from the same orphanage as us was in Can Tho this week picking up their son and sent us these photos of Huong today. They said they were there at night and as you can see Gem looks a little confused about the strangers and why they’re taking photos of her. We’re holding our breath that we can get our Giving and Receiving date and head over to Viet Nam soon. Maybe for christmas.