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November 30th, 2006

These photos are actually a few weeks old (like a month +). We’ve run into some problems with the Viet Nam government taking their sweet old time. We hope to go to Viet Nam by the end of December, but nothings concrete. Meanwhile our daughter is growning up fast.


November 30th, 2006


I made a post several months back about my problem with being over weight. I even disclosed my embarrassing weight in hopes it would motivate me to slim down. It didn’t.

Then in mid August I went on up to my sister’s house in Boise and after much heckling and embarrassment in a swimsuit the Garners came up with a challenge: Who can loose the most percent of body weight by thanksgiving wins the kitty we all contributed to ($700 cash). So armed with my new Nike+ shoes and iPod Nano I started to run. And I started to keep a food journal, and limited my calorie intake to 1200–1500 calories a day. And on Thanksgiving day at the weigh-in I was a slim 198lbs.

Needless to say I swept to competition with loosing 39.5lbs or 17% of my body mass. Yeah! I still have some weight to loose before I’ll star in a summer swimsuit calendar photo shoot, but I’m on my way to a much slimmer lifestyle.

The picture above is of my friday reward. Susan and I had to have donuts since we hadn’t had one in several months. Over the long weekend I ate myself into a sugary haze. It was wonderful.