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September 26th, 2006

We’ve lived our home for 2.5 years and with the excitement of having a new child in the home I decided to start some home remodeling. Susan went out of town one weekend and when she came home the house was in total disrepair. That was 2 weeks ago.

I think we have rounded the corner though. This is our bathroom. It has suffered quite a bit of water damage due to the previous owner doing a very poor remodeling job. My favorite part of this picture is the fact that I look like one of those guys from Boston on this old house. “The name’s Merk.”



September 10th, 2006

I added a few new musical selections to the bonus section of There’s a new track from Nat KIng Cole and a rising UK star Paolo Nutini. Both are pretty hard to come by (especially us in the States) but they’re worth going over and downloading.


September 9th, 2006

In addition to my full-time in-house design job I’ve also taken on a few side freelance jobs. My biggest problem is time and getting things done in a relatively short time period. Last year when I was at uni I spent many days and nights working on projects in-order to make deadlines (thanks to a crate full of red bull). BUT since school ended it’s pretty hard to want to even come home and start a completely different project let alone burn the midnight oil to churn out a website.

In the end my goal is to have my own studio and work independently which would be a lot easier in getting things done. I guess until then I’m stuck pulling all nighters and working long weekends to get things done. Cheers for red bull.


September 5th, 2006

Meet Clara Monkey. She was custom made for Gem by a crafter in Australia, and now Clara is on her way to Gem. Our agency director is heading to VietNam thursday and we’ve sent Clara Monkey to make the journey with him. Also in the care package we sent a soft blanket and a photo album of us and Diesel (our dog). It’s actually really exciting to think she’ll finally have something from us. I hope she likes Clara as much as I do.

clara monkey


September 1st, 2006

The Volvo needed some work done and that’s put me in downtown Salt Lake this morning. Since the dealership is close to the library I decided to make it my base of operations for the day. This is my second time to visit the library in Salt Lake, and it’s truly a stunning piece of architecture. The best part has to be the signage though. It was actually designed by Pentagram, and the type is beautiful.

On my previous visit to the library I had a strange encounter in the bathroom. I opened the door and there in the loo was a man naked taking what looked like a sponge bath in the sink. Strange. Well, I was a little early this morning and had to wait about an hour outside and noticed the closer it got to 9AM the more homeless men started showing up. I guess word got out about the bathrooms.

The best find of this eventful morning has to be the collection of zines the library has. The image at the top of the post is a few that I thought were pretty cool. Of interest, most of these were put out in 2000 yet their designs seems to be very current. Perhaps it’s the whole xeroxed and hand written element. One day I think I’ll start my own zine.

Here is a list of this mornings happenings:
• Loaded Susan’s iMac to take to the Apple store.
• Drove off with my sunglasses on the roof of the car.
• Sunglasses fell off a couple blocks later.
• Foul mouthed Wyoming butted in line at the dealership.
• Watch homeless man wake up.
• Helped blind man cross the street on his way to the bank.
• Got the guy sitting across from me connected to the wireless access point.