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August 31st, 2006


August 31st, 2006

My place of employment makes a lot of money. The average run-of-the-mill company is usually sailing high if their profits are above thirty percent. My company is somewhere around eighty percent. So after all their overhead and costs they make an eighty percent profit.

If you were to visit my office you would think differently though. For my first year here I worked on my own PowerBook and the office chair I had would buck you off if you didn’t know how to tame the sucka. We’re located in an old bank. The building was probably built in the early 80s but hasn’t been updated since then. It’s a dive. You think with all that money they would try to reinvest into the building and people’s workstations. Nope.

This creates a bit of a problem with the website because posting any pictures of our Central Station or offices just looks bad. I think today most people expect to see nice offices and fashionable workspaces, especially if you judge from all the CSI shows on TV. Their offices always have nice lighting and design furniture. I’d just be happy with Ikea. BUT I think a nice workspace is like all good design it creates credibility and people are more willing to trust and do business with you.

Here’s the picture of my old chair. I still have it sitting around because even though they may have bought me a new chair they didn’t get me any additional seating for guest. One time Susan, my wife, came in and I offered her a seat and she thought I was joking. I ended up letting her sit in the new chair—I probably should have offered the new one in the first place. I know one day I’ll have my own studio, and it’ll be nicely furnished with Ikea furniture (and no stained carpet).

my old chair


August 24th, 2006

asp code

At the first of this month some managers got together at my work place and decided that it was about time we had an intranet (an internal website that employees could easily access files, directories, and such). It was soon after that I was given the task to create such a beast.

Since the web design & development team at my office consist of me, I kicked off the project by having a good brainstorming session. And after coming up with a couple good sketches, a name, and a way to manage this sucka, I started to go to work. Coding.

In wanting to make this sucka run all on it’s own (or with the aide of the managers who demanded its existence) I’ve developed a back-end that managers can log into and update/ add content as they see fit. It’s required a lot of coding, with database integration and my favorite xml for the flash front-end.

One of the problems that I ran into was I could get the code to run and do what I wanted it to do, but if any old Joe tried to navigate and upload files or add text it was a nightmare. I ended up spending an entire day last week just designing the look of the administrative back-end.

Anyway, so here’s my salute to the coders of the world. I wish I had one of you working for me, because then I could do what I really do best. Design.


August 7th, 2006

Susan and I are about to become parents. We are adopting from Viet Nam and this is our little girl, Gem. Well that may be her name; we’re pretty set on it, but until we have to write it on paper for finalized documents it could change. Gem was born April 27, 2005, and we can’t wait to bring her home. It’s been a long time waiting and it will probably still be a few more months before we get to travel to Viet Nam and bring her home. The wait is really difficult, especially when you look at how dang cute she is. I should be getting some updated photographs this week and you better believe I’m going to post them. I’m a proud parent who can’t showoff my kid enough. GEM