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July 31st, 2006

My design professor always said that we should design everything. He insisted on us designing our three ring binders that I never got around to purchasing, and every written assignment we’d turn in.

So in true Larry style here is my new credit card. I just wish I could design the America First Credit Union and Visa logos, but compared to my old card which pictures a mountain scene this is a much better (it even beats out the soaring eagle I use to have on my debit card). Honestly who are the designing for. My grandma?


July 29th, 2006


This is a bit of old news but it’s something I’ve been wanting to blog about for awhile. In May 2006 Weber State University held their closing gallery show and gala. This is where they announce scholarships, who the top graduating students are, and give out some cash prizes to a few of the participants in the show.

To get in the show you have to submit your artwork and a panel of faculty and a guest judge decide who’s going to be in the show. I was a little upset at the Gala though because the awards they give out have NOTHING to do with the show. And the cash prizes are given by the Provost Office who usually rents or buys a few of the pieces from the show (typically the really trendy pieces like a very commercial photo, screen-print poster, ceramic tea pot, etc.). As I was sitting at the Gala feeling a little bummed that I didn’t win anything when I was pleasantly surprised to see my piece was in-fact gracing the cover of the program. I may not have won anything that night but everyone did go home with the best piece in the show on their programs.


July 26th, 2006

About a year ago I was asked to serve in my church as a “Ward Activity Specialist.” I’m basically on a committee that plans local ward parties and dinners. BUT the main reason I was asked to serve was for my killer skills as a graphic designer.

With that as a preface I would like to post my latest project. This poster was to advertise our next ward activity; a summer BBQ and campout (for those who really want to spend the night in a tent). I try to keep the whole design and execution of these projects to about an hour. I believe not all design needs to be stewed over, and it’s nice to see something come to life so quickly. Sometimes it can take a website a few weeks before the audience sees the final design.


July 22nd, 2006

In Taiwan (and I’m sure all around Asia) they have a summer time treat called BING (the Chinese character for ice). And in Taiwan they have all sorts of flavors and things you can top your shaved ice bowl with. Green bean, yam tapioca, passion fruit, mango, chocolate, mint, and many many more delicious flavors.

Tonight as the temperature outside was still well into the 90s this was my relief. Shaved ice topped with raspberries and sweet and condensed milk (another Asian secret to shaved ice). I did leave out the burnt sugar water—It never really sat well with me.


July 6th, 2006

I wouldn’t say that my css for the site is 100% fixed for all you Internet Explorer users, but it has come a very long way and you can at least appreciate that there is a design concept to the blog. AND for the other viewers I’ve fixed a few things that you may or may not have noticed. Nice.