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June 20th, 2006

After much excitement surrounding the launch and re-design of this blog I am now frustrated. I had checked my site in several modern browsers—Safari, Opera, and FireFox—all of which the site looks fantastic. Then this morning at the office I pulled out the Internet Explorer test only to discover that the site looks like crap. Everything is in the wrong place.
So I came to the conclusion that IE sucks and all you IE users out there should switch to something that actually doesn’t make every site look like a mixed matched mess. The second conclusion that I’ve come to is I am a flash designer. Flash is superior in web design because as a designer I can control the look a hundred percent of the time no matter what browser is used.
To all you non-ie users out there please enjoy the site and the rest of you make the switch to a real browser.


June 19th, 2006

I’m proud to be launching my very own blog ( This weblog has been in much need of a makeover and untill tonight I haven’t really taken full advantage of it. So expect to see more here in the coming months. I really need to thank and give credit to John Dilworth—John was a professor of mine back in Fall ’05 and gave me most of the tools for the CSS overhaul of my blog and also created the foundation for the portfolio section of my marcfolio. I’ve learned more from swimming through his code and hacking it to work for my applications than any other project to date. Thanks John and here’s to


June 19th, 2006

I added these cards to my online portfolio a couple weeks back. They were my final letterpress assignment. The emulsion on the photopolymer plate was super difficult to wash off hence some of the type got a little muddied. Overall they’re dyno-mite!