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Beginning of the End

January 9th, 2006

Today marks the first day of what is my last semester of undergraduate schooling. It’s going to be long semester with a whooping twenty-three credit hours. Now, not all of those are physical classes—there’s a couple test for my computer literacy, and on Saturdays I’ll be taking my scuba class. Non-the-less it’s going to be a long five months. But here’s to the beginning of the end.

I am an Anti-dentite

January 4th, 2006

Why do dentists have some many chairs? Can they not just work on one patient? Why do they have to have five people waiting while the dentist hops around from chair to chair doing a little here a little there? A Dentist visit should only take 45 minutes, but it seems every time I go it takes the good part of an afternoon.
My new dentist is Dr. John Starley. Our relationship started about nine months ago—I needed two crowns on my top back teeth (molers?)—The first visit took two hours and he prepared only one tooth. The next visit (a month later) took the same amount of time and he put the crown on. Another month goes by and he does the prep work for the final crown. Schedules me for five weeks away, but the actual visit is pushed back another couple of weeks because I went out of town and re-scheduling at the dentist is never “this” week or “next” week it is always a month away (I’m almost shocked when the receptionist ask, “would next month work for you?”).
So $1,450 and a month later I’m official finished with our relationship—so I thought. I’m eating chips and salsa at my favorite mexican restaurant here in Ogden, Taco Taco, and as I crunch down my teeth there’s a loud pop-crack. My newest crown has split in half. I call up Dr. Starley’s office and a “few” weeks later after a 30 Minute wait in the chair I’m told to come back after the new year to get it fixed. Meanwhile I’m eating some Christmas hard candy and what do you know my other crown cracks and splinters.
Yesterday I went in to have my first crown cut off and prepped. After two hours in the chair reading Time’s article on the “Da Vinci Code” and staring up Dr. Starley’s nose hair and assistant’s blue eyes, and suddenly I can feel that I’m in for another nine months of this relationship.